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Thanks to Digigraphie® the world of art gained a recognizable symbol assuring the highest standard of digital reproduction of artistic works. Digigraphie assures the feeling of safety and credibility meeting expectations of artists, museums, galleries and purchasers of limited editions. Digigraphie® technology created by the Epson company assures the highest standards of art reproduction providing: quality, durability and repeatability. Such criteria are applied to a digital printout assessed by specialists and reviewers of art markets, museums and collectors.

Digigraphie® brand and symbol is a combination of print technology with a chosen medium. Achieving of printout status in the scope of Digigraphie® program depends on the medium and type of ink used. Such artistic media are the various acid-free papers of the following brands: Epson, Canson, Hahnemuhle, which depending on the structure of paper, its colour and texture, emphasize a distinctiveness of an artistic work.

In the Digigraphie® program only these media are allowed which meet requirements concerning a durability and quality, that is proved by certificates of life issued by an independent worldwide famous institute dealing with durability tests for the art market needs. Each medium holds a quality guarantee and it meets strict standards. Depending on the type of exhibition and display, the durability of printouts is even 70 years or more.

The print technology devised out by specialists from Epson specifically for the needs of Digigraphie® was worked out in such a way as to guarantee a perfect reproduction of colours, and a high resolution of printing assures a perfect copy of details, that make the copy faithful to the original.

The appearance of the Digigraphie® mark in artistic works is an indicator of quality and confirmation of authenticity of a work’s source. The Epson printing technology allows quality control and number of works. The Digigraphie® technology of the Epson company makes plagiarism impossible because each copy is numbered, it holds an embossed and ink seal, a hologram and artist's signature. Each printout is a part of a small series. Digigraphie® collection mark attracts museums from all over Europe.

It is a splendid opportunity to introduce artistic heritage to homes. Digigraphie® means prestige and guarantee of quality recognized in the FineArt market.

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