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Art Photography and Books Gallery
Welcome to the fine art photography gallery, which was established in 2012. A huge number of images that we present in our gallery was presented at individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad and winning the prestigious international competitions. We decided to create a gallery to reach out to a wider audience. Providing online gallery allows visitors to purchase in addition to viewing the photographs placed in the gallery.

Each of these photographs is an original work, marked the next number in the series, and in the case Digigraphie artist signed two seals: seal embossed at the bottom wrung wet work and placed on the back of the photograph, bearing the logo and facsimile signature Digigraphie Artist. Each picture contains also made ​​by the Artist to the title of the job description, serial number and the total number in the series and the year of the creation of photographs. In addition to photo identification and confirmation of the authenticity of the certificate bearing eggs is a hologram with the name of artist and an individual number. A second identical copy of the hologram is located on the back of the photo next to the wet stamp. Certificate is signed with the artist's signature.

In our gallery section has also been created SHOWS, where the artist's exhibition is presented, which can be rented for consideration. The work is framed to allow the presentation of the various institutions, galleries, businesses, .... To view the exhibits presented, which are available under the loan should go to the show and click on the title of the exhibition.

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